process Overview

At OBVIOOS, we change the way architectural visualization is done.
Our new process is based on high end video game technology.
This allows us to create a realistic model of the building from CAD or BIM files.
Based on this virtual model, creating many videos, renderings or virtual visits is as simple as taking picture.
Our goal is to make the project management easier than before.

This is how we cook :

step 1 - send us your cad files

This first step is crucial for us to understand your project.

We can start working with any kind of document : DWG, DXF, RVT ...
It is also the right moment to send us information about materials, furnitures or any useful information.

You just have to choose what you want us to modelize and furnish.
(exterior only, exterior + 1 interior floor etc.)


cad files

We can create 3D models from any CAD file you provide (DWG, DXF ...)


bim files

If you have a BIM pipeline (REVIT, ArchiCAD ...) we can use BIM files in order create our 3D models.
Depending on the quality of the BIM file you provide, we will have more or less work in order to build your project.


step 2 - we create a realistic 3d model of your project

In order to create highend virtual buildings, we work with the world's most famous video game engine : Unreal Engine.
It is used for creating most of today's awarded video games.

This is what we call 'real-time rendering production pipeline'.
Unlike 'pre-calculated production pipeline' you don't have to wait hours in order to render images and videos.
This is why our prices are based on project's size rather than on 'how much renderings you want'
The bigger the project, the more expensive it will be. Period.

We have our own 'in-house' material technology
This allows us to create realistic architectural materials quickly

We also have a huge collection of 3D furniture
You can ask us to furnish, light and decorate your project or send us your floor plans.



This is an example of exterior's virtual model.
We can change lighting, materials and foliage and visualize the result on the fly.



Design can also be edited in real time.
This includes furniture, lighting and materials.


step 3 - you comment and review the 3d model

As many of our clients lives at hours of our office, we developped a good expertise in remote projects management.

A big part of the project's reviewing is done with online softwares such as Review Studio.
We post several renderings and videos on a dedicated space online.
Clients just have to sketch and add comments directly on the renderings.
Reviewing process can be done with smartphone, tablet or on a dedicated website.

Then, we apply the modifications on the project and iterate the process.

When needed, we can setup a virtual meeting where everyone can chat and brainstorm together.
All the comments are saved and it is easy to keep a track of the project's evolution.


review image

Comments can be easily done on the renderings.

review video

Most of time, reviews are done on a walkthrough video. This way, you have a clear overview of you whole project.
Click here for a demo video


step 4 - we create and deliver your medias

As soon as you validate the virtual model, we can start delivering the medias.

You can choose between a large range of medias such as renderings, videos, 360° panoramas, walkthrough application (PC only) etc.

At Obvioos, we use a real time rendering production pipeline
It's easyer and faster than before to create huge amout of media really quickly.

As everything comes from the same virtual model, you have a perfect consistency on every media.
(same colors, lighting, furnitures, look and feel)

You can find below some example of medias created from a virtual model :

renderings :

video :

Virtual visit application :