Furioos is now Microsoft for Startups by Christophe Robert

Hi friends, πŸ˜
Day 2 of a week fulfilled with surprises.
Today, we are proud to announce our application to #MicrosoftForStartupshas also been accepted !
For short, #MS4Startups is the ultimate Microsoft startups acceleration programs.

As the welcome email said : " We’re excited to welcome you and your entire team to Microsoft for Startups, an exclusive program that delivers best-in-market cloud services to the top startups in the world. "
You will find more information about the program here : https://startups.microsoft.com

What does this mean in concrete terms?
Firstly, the program provides us with up to $120,000 in free Azure credits. This means we will be able to provide a FREE BETA ACCESS to all our users. πŸŽ…
Secondly, we have access to all the #MicrosoftReactors developer community hubs all around the globe.
Lastly, we will have an access to #MicrosoftScaleUp and #MIcrosoftVenturesfor the next steps of our development, whether it is business development or fundraising.

Well, it seems we are at the beginning of a new chapter of #obvioos and #furioos' life.
Once again, thank you very much for supporting us and sharing your energy, we really appreciate. πŸ‘

Big up to the team that did an incredible job !!
Stay tuned, see you tomorrow for new adventures.
Cheerz 😘😘😘


obvioos focused on Allegorithmic's reel 2017 by Christophe Robert

Two in a row !! πŸ˜œ

We are super proud to also be credited in the Substance by Allegorithmicdemo reel 2017 !
This time, our work is showcased among superstars companies such as Naughty Dog, LLCUE4ArchUbisoftArkane Studios ...

We are not sponsored in any way by Substance by Allegorithmic, yet we highly recommend you to consider their softwares in your production pipeline.
It saves us a lots of time and energy in order to create our textures and materials.
You can read again our interview on their website if you want some beginer's tips on using Substance :

Once again, many thanks to all of you for your support.
More news very soon !!

Cheerz 😘

obvioos focused on Unreal engine demo reel by Christophe Robert

Dear friends,

We are soooo proud to annouce we were selected in the latest Unreal Engine demo reel !!!!!
It's an honor to be focused among some of the best companies in the world including Zaha Hadid Architects, McLaren, The Mill.
Last but nor least, it seems we are the only French company selected. πŸ₯πŸ₯–πŸ·πŸΎ

No doubt you played a big part of our success.
Thanks a lot for sharing our news, subscribing to our Youtube channel and for everything you do in order for everyone to know more about us.
Special thanks to Substance by Allegorithmic and 3DVF who were the first to talk about us πŸ‘

The company is only 7 months old and we are over motivated for the upcoming adventures.
We have so much thing we cannot talk about yet
Stay tuned as the best is coming.

Once again, thank you very much for your support.
Cheerz from all of us 😘

REVIT integration in Unreal Engine by Christophe Robert

Due to popular demand of our much-loved clients, we just release a first step of REVIT integration into Unreal Engine

It allow us to easily import BIM files in order to create renderings, videos and real time walkthrough
Thanks to our in-house materials and real time global illumination, the integration is easier than ever
Of course, all features such as foliage, moving lights and post-production are supported

Surely this will helps speeding up the visualization process for big projects as we don't have to rebuid the whole 3D model from scratch

Stay tuned !!

Real Time Global Illumination Test part.03 by Christophe Robert

Here is the main course ;)

Last part of our tests with real time global illumination
Here are some examples of interior real time GI
We fried our brains in order to deliver a good quality at a reasonable framerate

Quality is not as good as pre baked global illumination but this technology is really promising

Stay tuned for new updates

New materials by Christophe Robert

We just fishised our new materials for Architectural visualization
Once again, UE4 did the job as everything works as expected
Those two guys are real timesavers when dealing with many materials in complex scenes
Cheerz !!

Obvioos Vertex map Material by Christophe Robert

Very simple material allowing us to quickly add details on a object (dirt for instance)
The material allows to tune separately the diffuse (+tint), spec, roughness and normal for each material
Perfect for adding a more realistic look to walls, roads etc.